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With four albums under his belt, Toronto’s Freeman Dre has built a loyal audience in Canada and Europe.

Like that late night shot of whiskey, his music hits you straight in the gut and then fills your head with the foolish idea that, with enough love, anything is possible.

Freeman Dre: Singer, Songwriter, Guitar Strummer

The Kitchen Party is:

Lonny “Lon Tron Silver” Knapp:  Guitar, Mandolin

Derek Downham: Keys, Drums,

Neil McIntosh: Drums

Joe “Bones” Ernewein: Pedal Steel, Guitar

Collin “La Fleur” Carnegie: Bass

Don't take our word for it:

"Fantastic stuff"
~ Bob Harris, BBC Radio

"Freeman Dre is a musical alchemist"
~ Eric Thom, Sing Out Magazine

"few are able to cover this much lyrical ground"
~ Ben Conoley, Canadian Musician

"Highly entertaining live"
~ Kerry Doole, Exclaim Magazine

"Dark, yet affectionate"
~ Sarah Greene, NOW magazine

"This is my album of the year, without a doubt!" 
~ Jeff Gilbert, No Depression